How Our Service Works

Private security for the elderly, by the hour

Book fully vetted, SIA licenced private security by the hour when you sign up for any of our monthly packages. Simply register your account above and once you are ready to make a booking click ‘book now’ to select a package and choose the anticipated number of hours needed a month. We’ll give you some examples of what each number of hours may cover.


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1. Place booking and meet your security personnelOnce you signup and have selected your package, click the 'Book Now' link and follow the instructions. Type a little information about your needs i.e. "In need of security this Friday for mother's hospital visit." You'll have the opportunity to fill out dates, times, location and any other special requirements. If this is your first booking, you'll also have the opportunity to book an introductory meeting with your security personnel before your booking commences.
2. Submit booking requestOnce your booking request has been submitted it will instantly notify the Guarderly team and your booking will be confirmed within 30 minutes. If this is your first booking and you've requested an introductory meeting, an area Manager will give you a call to confirm the time and location of the introduction - either at your own premises or at the Guarderly office.
3. Meet your security personnelWhether you've opted for your introductory meeting to be at your premises or at our office, you'll be allocated 30 minutes to have an informal chat with your security personnel and Area Manager to ask questions and gauge suitabilty. Once you are happy to proceed, your booking will be confirmed again.
4. Security service renderedAt this point, security will meet with the client at the required location to render services. For your safety, all security personnel will have a GPS tracking device and unubtrusive body camera attached to their uniform. Body cameras are self-directed to only record themselves and do not pick up sound. Your privacy is always protected.
5. Account updated based on hours renderedThe hours spent with you by your security personnel will be deducted from your account's monthly hourly allowance once the booking is complete. For example, if you signed up for the 16 hours per month package and your first booking was for 2 hours of security, you will be left with 14 hours for the rest of the month. Hours do not roll over to the following month.

Frequently asked questions

You’ll need to register for an account first. Once you do, simply click ‘Book Now’, select your package and follow the on screen instructions.
We cover all boroughs of London. Your designated security personnel will always be based locally to ensure faster availablity.
We aim to assign you with one specific security guard. On certain occassions your security guard may not be available or may be on another job. In this case, we will provide you with another security guard.
You will be sent a text and email when your security guard is on their way to you. This will include an estimated time of arrival.
All security staff are SIA licensed and go through a vigorous vetting process. Guards are also required to wear a small GPS tracking device so we are always aware of their location and an unobtrusive self-directed, soundless body camera when on shift. Our security guards’ job is to protect, support and give confidence. In the unlikely event you do not feel at ease or safe with any of our security staff, please file a complaint.