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Where can I find out more about your company?

by Guarderly Ltd in Website

Thank you for taking an interest in what we do. To find out more about our company and services, please feel free to visit our about page. We are consistantly looking for partners who feel they can offer a mutually benefitial partnership deal with Guarderly. Should you be interested in partnership and/or sponsorship, please visit…

Where can I find your contact details?

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Head on over to our contact page. Our address, telephone number and support email address can be accessed when you scroll down and click on the ‘View Office Location and Contact Details’ link. Details are shown within a toggle map of our business address. Details are placed in this way to help prevent spam.

Can I book via your website whilst overseas?

by Guarderly Ltd in Website

Yes, although we only accept UK credit and debit cards. Our website is accessible worldwide, and you can make bookings for your relatives based in London whilst you are on holiday. If you wish to make a booking by phone whilst overseas, please bear in mind international phone charges.

Is your website accessible on mobile?

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Yes, our website is responsive to mobile and tablet devices meaning you can book easily on the go, online. We are also currently working on our Andriod application which should be available to download early 2017.

How can I maintain my privacy whilst using your service?

by Guarderly Ltd in Safety

We understant the need for privacy in all shapes and forms. When you first meet your security personnel and area manager, you’ll have the chance to talk through your needs. Your security guard can act as an invisible layer of security when you venture out i.e. a few steps behind you, making sure you are…

Are your security guards SIA licenced?

by Guarderly Ltd in Safety

Yes. It is legally required that security personnel are SIA licensed. Not only are all our security staff SIA licenced, but they also go through a vigorous vetting process and SOVA training before being taken on by Guarderly. When on shift, your security guard should be carrying their SIA licence at all occassions.

How do I change my payment method?

by Guarderly Ltd in Payments

With our pay as you go security option, you pay manually everytime you want to make a booking. Therefore, you can use a different card for different bookings. With our monthly package, your card details are automatically charged every month. If you wish to change or update your card details, simply get in touch. We’ll…

When am I billed for your security services?

by Guarderly Ltd in Payments

Your card will be charged once you signup and pay for a package. If you purchase our pay as you go package, you will be charged once, and everytime you make additional pay as you go bookings (you will need to enter your payment details each time you make a new booking). For our monthly…

Does your monthly package costs include VAT?

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The prices listed on our site is the price you pay. As a startup security company targeted towards individuals, we will not be adding VAT to any of our prices until we reach the threshold to do so. This allows us to offer our individual clients lower service costs. Clients will be informed at least…

I would like to change my monthly package

by Guarderly Ltd in Packages

You can upgrade or downgrade your monthly package at anytime by simply getting in touch. Changes will be reflected in your account within 3 working days. Please note that unused hours will not be moved forward so we suggest if downgrading, that you do so at the end of the monthly bill period so you…