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About our Founder

Founder and CEO of Guarderly, Labake Odushegun BA (Hons) MSc, has modestly ventured into a wide variety of entrepreneurial fields over the past decade including web design, the music industry, and digital recruitment, to name a few.

After nearly ten years running multiple web design agencies, the idea of Guarderly sparked, following years of assisting an older relative dealing with a condition effecting social independence. It dawned on her that there were multitudes of other once-strong, once-independent women who would need that same dominant figure of protection and support, consistently. (…Continues below)

“This is a far cry from a care service. Guarderly is a tech-driven and on demand security service that aims to instil independence and protection to a niche that needs it most.”


Asked about how she aims to get the company’s mission across, Labaké says;

    “This is an innovative service which is desperately needed, yet is not offered by any established company. Guarderly was formed based off of what I’ve seen and experienced first hand, allowing me to think deeply into the practicality of offering such a service.

    Combined with my experience in business, digital technology and streamlining business operations, I’ve managed to launch a company that has human need at its core, and ever-growing potential through relevant partnerships and targeted advertising campaigns.

    Although in past business ventures I’ve always kept self-publicity non-existent, where the conception of Guarderly was influenced greatly by personal experience, I’m passionate about spreading it’s objectives through all relevant avenues both personally and through the company.”


Guarderly is a self-funded company created by Labaké Odushegun and operating within all boroughs of London. Security services can be booked via the online booking platform, by the Guarderly app or via phone. All security personnel are SIA licenced and go through a vigorous vetting process.

For press inquiries or speaking engagements, please contact [email protected]