Corporate Statement

1.0 Company Description

Guarderly (a portmanteau created from the words Guard and Elderly) aims to be the “Uber” of elderly security. Focusing on the four areas of London with an opportunity of expansion by year two, this on-demand subscription based security service for elderly women aims to cater for disabled or vulnerable adults who may not have family, or friends to escort or assist them in doing the things they need to. Our service allows elderly clients to feel safe and protected whilst venturing out.

Guarderly is an on-demand subscription based personal security service for older or vulnerable women above the age of 50. The company offers a simple bookable service via its website, mobile application or telephone, 24/7.

1.1 Company Personality

Outwardly, safety and comfortability is the main focus in company personality. Whilst there is importance in clients being guarded, it is also important that they feel comfortable with their security personnel. As such, clients have the opportunity to speak with their security personnel before-hand whilst knowing they are SIA licenced and have been fully vetted.

Inwardly, the company takes focus on building strong working relationships. All security staff get along well with their team members and feel comfortable in their job roles. It is highly important that staff members remain happy, as it translates through to their work ethic. Guarderly aims to represent a movement of strong independent women, both in mind and physique.


1.2 Mission statement

Guarderly’s mission is to give older and vulnerable women without the devoted support of dominant family members, friends or acquaintances, the confidence to venture out and be as independent as physically possible without the fear of “what if something goes wrong?”.

Using a robust online platform to book on-demand security guards, the process of booking aims to leave clients stress-free from contact to call-out. With an all female security team, Guarderly represents a movement of strong independent women, both in mind and physique, actively veering away from the unconscious prejudice of seeing security as a male-dominated industry. Our security personnels’ duty is to protect, support and give confidence.